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Catch Up Post - Writing Update

Hey Y'all.

This is a disappointing post to write. I hate that I'm already this far behind in updating you on my writing! I have had a lot of writing happen and milestones added so I need to keep up with these posts. Honestly, as important as these posts are to me, the writing is more important. I'd rather have a catch-up post to write than skipping out on writing my stories. Because...

I've officially made it an entire month of writing every single day!

I'm very proud of this fact. I have had problems in the past with consistency, but I'm working through it and am very excited about everything I've accomplished so far. Now, let's get to the writing update - you know, the only reason you're here.

Day 9 - 242 words, not sure where my story is going. Feels like I'm dragging scenes out just to get a word count and don't know if they're helpful or not.

Day 10 - 269 words, wrote these words at the end of the day. Still not sure of where my story is going.

Day 11 - 144 words, I was at my parent's house (again) and wrote when and where I could. I didn't take my laptop so this was written on my phone.

Day 12 - 36 words, I didn't get to spend a lot of time writing, my husband took my laptop since his editor needed to borrow his.

Day 13 - 1,335 words, these words were a struggle the entire time. I had to pull every single word out to get the story moving.

Day 14 - 688 words, these words flew by and were easy and exciting to write!

That's it for my catch up! I have been keeping up with writing, even if it's on my phone while I'm riding the bus. Not the greatest and I'm sure Draft 2 is going to need a lot of work, but I'm making progress. I should be near Draft 2 by the middle of February at this rate! Super excited to get things going.

Also, I've edited my Prequel story twice already and am hoping to do one more pass through before I get it set up to publish! Things are moving forward and I'm so excited.

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep writing!

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