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Day 15 - Writing Update


Getting back to the routine of writing an update the day I finish the writing. This way I can give you a good in-depth review of the writing and how the day went.

Today was an odd day. I felt pretty good all day. Very busy day at work, so I didn't get any writing done during the day, like I normally do. I then took the trolley/bus home and then had to run around shopping with my husband.

Once we got back to the house, I was just in a mood. It wasn't necessarily a bad one, but it definitely wasn't a good one. I went to the gym and attempted to run for 30 minutes. Took a quick shower, then ate dinner. We watched the Imagineering Series and it was incredible! Great information, super motivating, and a really good documentary overall.

After we finished watching the first episode (there are 6 one hour episodes), my husband pushed me upstairs to my office to get some writing done. I really didn't feel like writing today. I wanted to just avoid it today and deal with trying to write tomorrow.

Instead, I planted my butt in my chair, turned on one of my favorite Authortubers writing vlogs and got to work. While I checked my word count every couple hundred words, I ended up getting into the flow of the story. The words weren't too bad to pull out today. I ended my day with 639 words.

My goal is to get at least 600 words tomorrow.

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep writing!

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