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Day 3 & 4 - Writing Update

Hey All,

Back for my update. I missed yesterday's update, so here's a recap of yesterday and today.

Friday the 3rd - As I mentioned the other day, today was mostly a shooting day for a client for my husband's business. We didn't get back home until about 4:30pm. I took a shower, ate, and played with my nephews again.

Around 8pm, I finally cracked open my laptop. I have been sick for the last week or so and haven't eaten very much the last few days. I was drained and exhausted. I didn't have the energy to write or even read. I only wrote 301 words. That being said, I kept up my writing habit and got 300 more words than I would have gotten if I didn't write.

Saturday the 4th - Today was a bit of a travel and prep day. I spent the morning having a business meeting with my husband. Then, I went to take him to pick up another vehicle he is using the next few days. We changed out some headlights, got car washes, and packed up the truck.

I made the drive back home with our dog while he stayed at my parent's house. He's traveling for a job on Tuesday and my parent's house is much closer than our house is. That being said, I got back to San Diego, unloaded the truck (it took 5 trips!) and then settled in to watch some TV.

After about two hours of TV, I spent the rest of the time being sick and reading. I finally finished one of the books I was reading. I picked up the laptop at 10pm. I have to head back to work tomorrow so I promised myself I would get at least 500 words and I could stop there. I am happy to report I got 506 words.

Now, I'm heading to bed so I can wake up extra early for work. My goal is to have my outlined finished and to write 2,000 words tomorrow. I have a pretty slow day at work and then all afternoon to write, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'll check back in with you guys tomorrow!

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep writing!

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