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Day 5 - 8 - Writing Update

Hey All!

I've missed a few days on my writing updates. I knew it was going to happen. I hoped it would have been later on in the year, but alas, the time has already come. I'm going to keep striving to post every day so you know how I'm doing.

Here's a rundown of the last few days:

- Day 5: 310 words, spent most of my day watching TV because I was back at work after a long break. Super weird, but pretty happy with the words I got written.

- Day 6: 812 words, spent a few hours with my writing friend at Starbucks! I wanted to get 1,000 words but have been feeling rundown. Happy with the words I got though and excited to see the story start to take place.

- Day 7: 760 words, got most of these words late at night. Again wanted to make it to 1,000 words, but it doesn't help when I start writing at 10pm at night.

- Day 8: 329 words, got these words throughout my workday yesterday. I actually wrote most of these on my phone. The story has gotten really vulnerable and I'm actually really happy with how it's going.

I'm currently sitting 764 words away from hitting my first 5,000 words in this project which makes me really happy. I want to hit that milestone today, January 9th. Today is another traveling day for me, after a full workday, so I need to make sure I use my time wisely.

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep Writing!

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