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Lacking Motivation

Hey Y'all!

Things have been slowing down lately. I have tried to keep moving forward with my writing and all of my projects, but I have to admit that I'm struggling to keep going. I'm having a hard time getting into a creative mindset. I'm not really sure of the cause.

Here's the thing: I want to write. I want to finish my story. My goal is to finish this first draft of Book 4 by May 12th, which is like four days away. It's been a struggle to keep myself going on this goal. I actually amended it to May 15th, because I think I needed a few extra days to take a break.

Today, I'm attempting to get back on track. I have to write around 2,000 words a day to meet my new goal to finish this by May 15th. I've written a few hundred words by hand today. I'm planning on starting some sprints, writing on my laptop. I'm also going to go through a few videos I know have motivated me in the past. I am also going to reach out to some people to work with me.

I know my creativity has been lack luster and I have no idea what is causing that. I think it might be because I haven't written a first draft this fast ever. I also just finished the first draft of Book 3 literally right before I started this draft. I haven't really given myself a break in between these books and it's been catching up a bit to me. I'm not letting that stop me. I'm getting back on the horse.

My motivation has been dwindling, but I am not going to let that stop me from doing the work that needs to be done. I am calling myself a writer, which means that I need to act like a professional and get my writing done each day. It may not be something that I may not want to do, but it's something that needs to happen if I want to continue being a writer.

Which means, I need to get back to the writing today. I need to get back to being a writer. And you need to get back to writing as well. Yes, I'm talking to you! I know consuming inspirational and motivational content feels good but it doesn't help you get the dang thing done. So, close out this browser and get back to whatever it is that sets your soul on fire.

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep writing!

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