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NaNoWriMo Daily Report - Day 11

Hey Writers & Readers!

Total NaNo Words - 20,877

Daily Word Count - 2,005

I'm, again, distracted by the pull and obsession that is books. I spent way too much time reading all day. I waited until late tonight to start my writing session. I need to start a little bit earlier in the day in order to make sure I get my words.

I'm making my way through the Save the Cat Writes a Novel. I'm in the middle of two beats - the Midpoint and the Bad Guys Close In. I've been following my outline pretty closely and it's been working wonders. I'm still having a hard time writing the middle because - it's the middle.

That being said, things are progressing as nicely as I can hope. I'm getting through the draft. I have about a week without my husband at home and am planning on hosting a ton of live streams, so I'm hoping to rank in the words during that time.

How has your NaNoWriMo been? Are you still on track? Are you ahead? Are you behind? How are you feeling about your story?

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep writing!

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