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Writing Motivation Ideas

Hey y'all! How are you doing?

Are you showering? Are you drinking water? What about moving your body? I don't think I moved my body at all in four weeks. Yesterday, I went and did an attempt at a workout and while it pointed out how badly out of shape I am, it felt good to get my blood moving. Hopefully today's workout goes a little bit better.

Have you still been writing during this whole quarantine thing? If you saw any of my previous blog posts, I actually finished Draft 1 of Book 3. I have also started on Draft 1 of Book 4. I'm actually going to pick up my prequel as well and get that read, taking some notes on any edits I need to add.

Don't let all of that awesome sauce fool you. My motivation levels have been near zero. The reason all of these things are actually getting done is because I'm very good at tricking myself into doing work. Want to know what I've done to trick myself? Well too bad!

No, but really - here ya go:

- jumped on live streams (past or actual lives) HIGHLY recommend The Courtney Project on YouTube!

- the Forest app and timers which lock me out of my phone

- which plays a bunch of ambient noises (my favorite is the Hogwarts Library)

- jumping on a zoom call with a bunch of other authors who all write together

A really huge help has also been my husband. He always asks me if I've gotten my writing done for the day. If I don't have my words done, he makes me go up to my office and get some words written. He is very supportive and pushes me to continue going. It's been a lot of help to have someone who always checks in with you and helps you keep going.

I also wanted to let you know that I picked up the camera again yesterday. It was a bit weird to get back in front of the camera, but it felt good. I'm excited to start making videos again. I don't know when I'm actually going to get back on the publishing of videos train, but I'm taking it one step at a time.

I need to head out to get my second workout in and get ready for my next DND session! Plus, you know, write all the words.

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep writing.

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