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Writing Thoughts

Hey All,

As creatives, we all suffer from doubt. Things like writing stories and creating things always have the potential to bring waves of doubt and insecurity. That's how I've been feeling lately.

I wrote every day until February 4th. However, my word count dramatically decreased the longer I wrote. I was barely able to get 100 words a day and that's usually late at night. I have been feeling so out of it when it comes to writing. I wanted to keep my streak alive, so I did the minimum amount of work, but things weren't going as fast as I want.

It's now February 11th and I currently have four days of no writing days for this year. It feels completely weird and like I'm doing something wrong. At the same time, I want to refill my creative well and be able to approach my works in progress with passion. Remember, I said my goal for the year was to have more days of writing than no writing days.

I've been alternating between wanting to completely trash my entire series and trying to get back to feeling passionate about my series. It's been a really fun seesaw I've been on for quite a few days. Things have been busy and it's affected my personal view of writing.

I am going to hit up a write-in with my local writing friends and hopefully get some words down today. I want to get back into the writing every day, figuring out what I can do to hopefully keep up my writing streak a little longer. I want to get a couple of drafts done in the next couple of months so I need to get back into it.

Wish me luck!

Have a bright and colorful day! Keep Writing!

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